WEB STANDARDS: was built with web standards as guidelines: (X)HTML, CSS and DOM Scripting. While these are not strict rules by which we police ourselves, they do guide best practices in building a robust, accessible, usable, and scalable web site. For more information, see WaSP.


The textmark uses LithographLight sized at 36pt and saved in the GIF file format from Adobe Illustrator. All body text is the uber-used Verdana and heading elements (h1-h6) are set in Georgia.


All artwork belongs to Howard Markowitz. Please contact Howard for more details on the painting process he uses. The images of the artwork were taken by Howard and edited by Lance Willett of simpledream web studio before loading to Flickr. From Flickr, Lance uses the FAlbum plugin for WordPress that allows custom publication of any Flickr images belonging to your account – whether the image is public or private. It’s a great tool and highly recommended.


The “rays” background image was created in Adobe Illustrator and is positioned with CSS so as to show a larger portion of the image as a browser window expands. The top navigation background image is also positioned with CSS as a background image and was created in Adobe Photoshop.


Content such as text and images are organized with WordPress and Flickr respectively. WordPress serves the “Artist Corner” blog entries, comments, events, and other textual information. Flickr manages the photos and serves them up to the Gallery as needed with use of the required cache on the Abstract-by-H side of things.


All design, layout, CSS and (X)HTML work was done on an IBM Thinkpad T42 with help from an Ultrabrite A90f Viewsonic CRT monitor (19″). Programs used: Illustrator and Photoshop, TopStyle, HomeSite, SmartFTP, Basecamp project management, pUtty, and Firefox. Although Howard uses Opera as his main browser, the final site required no Opera tweaking at all. Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari on the Mac both required some small but fairly simple adjustments — both having to do with CSS and background image placement.


Design and programming by Lance Willett of simpledream web studio, Tucson, Arizona. Please visit the web site!

If you have any questions about web standards, Flickr and WordPress integration, or the weather in Arizona, please contact Lance at simpledream web studio.