Artwork on display at Jack’s

Clevelands premire kosher style deli… Jack’s Deli / Restaurant is currently exhibiting 35 pieces of my original and reproduction limited edition artwork, in a collaborative, decorative effort. The owners of Jack’s are displaying and selling many of my favorite pieces… all beautifully framed and displayed in their brand new restaurant space, located conveniently in the Cedar Green shopping plaza at 14490 Cedar Road in University Heights, Ohio.

Jack’s has been known for over two decades as Clevelands most respected, frequently visited and deliciously sought after Jewish deli… featuring the largest sandwiches, most elegantly prepared party trays and overall menu selections of any kosher restaurant in town. Anybody who knows what really good deli is all about… knows Jack’s… and knows the owners, Alvie and Gary !

My art will be on display and for sale at this location thru April 2006, with pieces beng updated on a regular basis. Please stop by for a dining experience your taste buds have been craving for… and look over the selection of my work on display. Please check out the Art Openings section in my Gallery to see photo’s of this and many other events.

You can reach Jack’s for dining reservations by calling:

19 Responses to “Artwork on display at Jack’s”

  1. SteveW says:

    This artwork is amazing… rich and textural, concentrated in form and color and awash in substance. I would love to watch your process and see how you achieve this amazing quality of trancendent spirituality. I applaud your vision and want to encourage you to continue your quest onward toward the enevitable possibilities that lie at your fingertips.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Saw your work at Jacks… and had a wonderful time looking over what you were serving!! This is very creative stuff… and I love the Jewish influence! Your work in a kosher deli is a good marriage. Thanks for spicing up the place. Jen

  3. Ed says:

    This beautiful art made my corned beef easier to digest!

  4. Sally Herman says:

    I love your work H. Please give me a side order of Chai with the deli takeout please.

  5. sandy says:

    great work, artistically displayed, wonderful selection. I like your use of color. S.

  6. josh says:

    The matzo ball soup was warm but your work is hot! Lets see more of your stuff H.

  7. deli nosher says:

    Its about time we get to enjoy art with our meal… the food is fabulous Jack, but the art adds a nice touch. deli nosher.

  8. I love Jacks says:

    Beautiful pieces, incredible food… what more to ask for!

  9. fred & sally says:

    Congratulations to the deli crowd for their new location and spiffy interiors. We love your place.

  10. larry d. says:

    Had the pleasure of eating in your establishment on a recent trip to Cleveland from New York and must compliment the staff, the food, the atmosphere, and the art. Thanks for the great dining experience.

  11. goldie says:

    thank you all for a beautiful dining experience!!!

  12. marvin r. says:

    Can I purchase two of the pieces by the deli counter? Who do I call?

  13. miriam says:

    very pretty work, enjoyed looking things over

  14. gerry p. says:

    Jack’s is better than ever. I don’t know what they did, but the food got even more delicious, if that was possible?

  15. sheldon says:

    This is what Jewish dining is all about. Good food, friendly service, lots of smiling faces and beautiful artwork. Congratulations to Alvie and Gary on their new establishment.

  16. paula says:

    Hi How, saw your art, thought it looked great. Keep up the great work!

  17. gary says:

    Howard, I saw your work and am speechless! Very impressive body of abstract thought and expression. Best of luck to you in the future.

  18. Tom McGinty says:

    Are you the same Howard from The Velvet Frame? If so, greetings from Tom McGinty. I saw your works at Jack’s and thought it might have been you.

  19. Larry Violand says:

    Howard, good to see you at the Lakewood art festival after all these years (20+?)

    The print of Miles Davis you framed back in the day hangs on my office wall.

    Larry Violand

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