H would like to sincerely thank…

Bringing this site online has been a rewarding and exciting time here in the studio. The design process has been in continual development for some months and I have enjoyed the time spent while appreciating the expertise of my web designer, Lance Willett, who has patiently guided me thru the dark corners of the web, and shown me which dusty doors are safe to open! A huge Thanks also goes out to my brother Neil, who has generously donated many resources to allow this project to reach this stage… Shehehcheyanu, Vkiyamanu, Vhigiyanu lazman hazeh.

3 Responses to “H would like to sincerely thank…”

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks for the thanks…the site is looking good!

  2. Lance Willett says:

    Howard, Glad I could be a part of this project…it’s been fun and different for me.

    The Gallery is especially coming together now that more and more of your work is making it in there. Looks nice!

  3. Dr. Beth Potashkin says:

    I find your artwork, not unhappily, requires hours of study…it is intriguing, haunting at times and, all in all, stimulating. Congratulations on some masterful work. I might also add that some of your titles make me giggle.

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