About the Artist

H. Markowitz

Expressions of Abstraction

My creation of art… evolves as a symmetry of visual emotion, flowing from the vibrantly highlighted yet often darkened images born behind closed eyes, to the hopeful re-enactment onto canvas. Yet to remember in any detail, that lush imagery of inception and to recreate that beauty with authority, intention and soul… haunts the burning fever of color and genesis… and so, another painting is born.

I remember watching my father as a small child, painting furiously, meticulously, yet abstractly uncontrolled… so ahead of any paradigm defining modern art, yet staying within the bounds of acceptability for the 1950′s. He handed me my first brush and those old oils at the age of ten and watched with humor as I experimented. Although his technical hand never guided me, his stylistic innovation motivated my inner eye… as I revisited his work, in my mind, throughout my life.

Inspiration continued to influence me with works from Mondrian, Vasarely, Picasso, Klee, Dali and particularly Kandinsky. Architectural and interior design found a way into my life, as I continued in my fathers architectural business. Designing office space and retail stores for many years allowed differing perspectives to be combined into my work, a somewhat slow evolution of reality into the surreal.

In the late 70′s for the next 22 years, I owned, operated and directed The FrameDesign Gallery in downtown Cleveland. I was continually exposed to hundrds of works yearly… evaluating, framing, consulting and doing gallery showings for up and coming artists… yet I never took advantage of my gallery to display my own works.

Working almost exclusively with my art, during this past year with G-d’s help I have created over one hundred new pieces, some which are on display here. They each represent little fragments of my life… pieces of my experience, folded, mixed and mingled in multitudes of images and expressions. In answer to that impossible, yet often asked question of… what motivated this particular painting… why, that color? please explain this shape… what is that thing over there…?

I can often attempt an explanation, yet the inspiration behind that particular series of brush strokes is often difficult to explain in a neat short moment of verbal exchange. It often is there simply because it needs to be there… to complete that feeling I once had… that image I once looked upon, or the love in my heart that I share with you now… through my work.

H. Markowitz, 2005